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The natural habitat for the Texas Cichlid is in the Rio Grande drainage basin in Texas and northern Mexico. It is the only cichlid native to the United States. The Texas Cichlid has been introduced to waters in Florida and other parts of Mexico. In the wild, it lives in densely planted pools and rivers.

This fish is also known as the Rio Grande Cichlid. The scientific name for the Texas Cichlid is Herichthys cyanoguttatus. A Green Texas Cichlid can be found in stores, but it is a different species by the name of Herichthys carpintis. A Red Texas Cichlid is not a Texas Cichlid but a hybrid of the Herichthys and Amphilophus species.

Traits of the Texas Cichlid

The Texas Cichlid is a large fish and grows in excess of 12 inches. Its body is oval with a concave head. The male species develops a hump on its forehead, which is a common trait in many cichlids. Body color ranges from pearly yellow-gold to dark brown with gold and turquoise spots on each scale. The iris of its eyes, in well-maintained water, will display an orange-red coloration.

There are three black bars on its body but they are not prominent in some specimens. The underside of its body has a reddish hue but will turn black on the female during breeding. In addition, the three black bars will become more pronounced when breeding.

Aquarium Conditions for the Texas Cichlid

Due to the large size of the Texas Cichlid, it produces a large amount of waste. Therefore, a heavy-duty filter such as a canister or an outside hanging filter is recommended. Water changes of 15% to 25% should be done on a bi-weekly basis. Texas Cichlids do not like older tank water.


The most difficult part of keeping a Texas Cichlid in an aquarium is controlling aggression. Finding compatible tank mates can be a challenge
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